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Image processors

Christie offers powerful and flexible processors for creative video and multi-windowing widescreen displays.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The demand for high-quality, dynamic visual effects continues to increase as audiences look for bigger and bolder visual experiences. The ability to create large-format, multi-media presentations with ease is becoming the norm for live events, public spaces, control rooms and visualization environments.

Christie® Spyder X20 is a hardware-based video processor with the flexibility of a universal routing switcher. Its integrated source monitoring enables simultaneous, real-time, full frame rate monitoring of all inputs.


Unique architecture, high-performance

With Christie Spyder X20, users are no longer restricted to the resolution of a single source or a single display. Multiple displays can be combined to enhance resolution, exceeding single-display performance. The Christie Spyder X20 image process​or can be used in many different environments with any display device, including Christie MicroTiles®, projectors, plasma screens, LED walls, rear projection cubes, etc., or a combination of display devices.


  • Blend, window, mix and scale any source format and then route the signal to any device or combination of display devices – quickly and easily
  • Power processing allows you to manage large, megapixel displays with high frame rates
  • Up to 20-megapixel bandwidth for large-format, high-quality images
  • True preview capabilities with live preview, on-the-fly editing and offline preview capabilities
  • Any output can be rotated to display horizontal images
  • Window labeling without using up a layer
  • Advanced auto-sync functionality
  • Fast still-store functionality
  • Up to 2650 x 1600 resolution on inputs and outputs
  • Discreet parallel expansion capabilities

Versatility for demanding environments

Whether you’re setting up visual displays for events, concerts, public spaces, or for teams who need visual solutions for applications such as video monitoring or research and development, Christie Spyder X20 offers versatility for demanding, 24/7 operations:

Rental staging

Take charge of content with flexible and reliable real-time windowing and compositing for all yourlarge events.

Digital signage

Drive content for multiple, high-quality images and blend seamlessly with an adaptable solution. Christie Spyder X20 can be used in different configurations, bringing together the art and science ofdigital displays.

Video walls

Support the demands of 24/7 environments, while managing multiple streams of rea​​l-time content to allow teams to collaborate and make more effective decisions quickly.

3D and visualization

Christie Spyder X​20 3​D lets you integrate and configure hardware and software for a life-like virtual world that’s viewable from all angles. Visualize what you can’t normally see with the naked eye, such as molecules, airflow, liquid dynamics and weather patterns.

Christie Phoenix EP

Christie Phoenix®​ EP is a network distributed processor that installs directly into compatible Christie displays. It’s a compact, cost-effective and highly-scalable solution for managing content on video walls and distributed displays and is ideal for applications such as control rooms, presentation rooms and digital signage displays.

Offering the same powerful processing features as Christie Phoenix, Phoenix EP enables seamless access and control of audiovisual data from virtually anywhere, through a single, robust system.

​​​Taking the next step

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to speak to a Christie sales representative about Christie processing solutions, please contact us.

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